Develop yourselve in order to become the best hero in sports!

Basketball Joy App

#TechYourGame to the next level

Connect the Basketball Joy App with the smart Basketball Start one of the following challenges and measure and improve yourselve, while sharing it with firends:

Shooting Skills

Improve your technical skills

Get the quickest feedback possible

All your improvements are trackable and visible

Always, everywhere and with everyone.

Compete with players all over the world

Post your scores directly on your social feed

#tech your friends

Become a member of your facorite club 

Improve your personal records

Get achievements and badges

Set new, international records

And become worlds’ number 1!

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Connect the Tech.Basketbal with the Basketball Joy App

You can now develop your skills everywhere and every day with the Basketball Joy App The app is connected with the Tech.Basketball Select your favorite shot or dribble drill and develop your scores based upon power and fluency Whilst shooting the ball this digital coach will even look at the arc of your shot. Record your skills with the nicely designed video filter. Post your scores quick and easy on your socials and become a member of your favorite (influencer) club. Develop your technique and get new achievements, badges and records!
Will you become a legend?
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Try the Tech.Basketball in our Techsperience Tour.

During the stop, players will practice with our smart balls. Direct feedback is provided through the connection with the Basketball Joy app. Feedback is provided on:

Ball contact left and right
Max speed
Distance covered and stamina
Technical skills
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You can now improve everywhere and every day with the help of the Insait Joy App. The app is connected to the Tech.Basketball. Select your favorite shooting or dribble drill and develop your scores based upon power and fluency. While shooting, your digital coach checks out the arc of your shot! Record your skills ad check it back with the specially designed video filter. The Basketballl Joy app provides an easy manner to expand your amount of followers! Develop your technique and achieve new achievements, badges en records.
Will you become a legend?
Android and Apple compatible!
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