Do you want to get the most out of your training and competitions? You can develop even faster by wearing the ProTechtors. Not only do these shin guards ensure that you can play the match safely and comfortably, the latest technology also provides you with performance data. With the specially designed Player Tracking Modules you will gain insight into your fitness, balance, explosiveness, strength and speed. You place the Player Follow Tracker in your ProTechtors and measure all your movements during training and match. The data is immediately displayed in the Insait Joy app after the match. This makes these shin guards ideal when you want to get the most out of your training and competitions. Perfect to combine with the Tech.Football.

Do you want to start safely, with comfort and high-tech in the base? Then read on quickly.

Do you start training or competition like a Pro? This is now possible by wearing the latest ProTechtors. Before the start, select one of the different training or competition variants: 5v5, 7v7, 8v8 and 11v11. Then various performance variables are measured, namely:

  • Condition (including distance traveled at different speeds)
  • Balance (use of left and right foot)
  • Explosivity (including accelerations, jumps, turns / turns)
  • Speed (including maximum speed and number of sprints)
  • Power (Shot Power)

Thanks to the connectivity with the Insait Joy app, you can immediately view your performance after training or competition. Do you compare training with competitions, your performance in different positions and do you break your personal or world records?

More information about the accompanying Insait Joy app?

Download it directly or click on more information.

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More information about the accompanying Insait Joy app?

Scan the QR Code or click on more information.

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The at our ProTechtors ensures that you start with even more fun at the training or competition. Every time you play football you have a new chance to break your personal records, rise in the (world) rankings and take on the challenge with world players. Are you ready for your fastest sprint, hardest shot or do you want to further develop your weak leg? Then start with the basics, our ProTechtors.

The is also present at our ProTechtors. This allows you to share your performance on all social media channels. For example, you can share your performance with friends on Instagram, family via WhatsApp or, for example, your trainer via Facebook. With the push of a button you can make your performance known locally or worldwide! Will you shine on and off the field with the latest ProTechtors?

Will you become the ultimate Tech.Player?

Combine the ProTechtors with our Tech.Football. Your own performance in view via the Insait Joy app. Share your performance with your friends, family and trainer and make sure they are always aware of your performance via Develop your during training and matches with our ProTechtors and practice on and outside of training with the Tech.Football. Become number 1 in the world with our Game.Tech. View our combi package and get the most out of yourself!

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79,00 excl. 65,29

In stock

  • Size M (~165 * 81 * 30mm)
  • Slip-in style with compression socks to keep the ProTechtors in the right place
  • Hard protection plate for excellent protection
  • EVA backing provides comfort, durable cushioning and excellent shock absorption
  • Record all your movements with the removable Player Tracking Modules
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Analyze your statistics through built-in AI algorithms

Box content:

  • ProTechtors (L/R)
  • Compression socks
  • Player-track-modules (L/R)
  • USB cable
  • Instructions / Manual