Partnerships is open to many different types of collaborations. We are looking for partners with the same passion for sports, combined with technology and data.



With our Sports.Tech products, clubs can offer their members extra tools and experiences to improve their, at home, on a square, or wherever there is space to play sports and do the exercises. The club has a greater bond with their members and has the option of registering training sessions, sessions, events and competitions online.

In addition, we offer the clubs a whole new stream of income and we help them to get on the digital train in sports through our Sports.Tech products. Often members know more about gaming than the club and with our Sports.Tech products and our services (INSAIT Joy Coach App and Club Portal) we help clubs innovate. This digital combination with tangible Sports.Tech products offer added value to membership to the club and to the sponsors!

Improve skills at the club with INSAIT Joy Coach App.

The coach can monitor and motivate the players through our INSAIT Joy Coach App. He or she can connect up to 8 balls to the app and create a workout with exercise material in multiple exercises. The results per player flow in via the app and the coach can provide them with extra practice material, based on the results from the leaderboard. Strengths and weaknesses are identified and can be trained in a targeted manner, developments can be tracked in the app.

Improve the players outside the club with our INSAIT Joy Club Portal.

All players can improve at home with our products in combination with the club web portal. The portal allows the club to offer a year-round training program to create events for specific players, teams or peers. Players can participate while they are at home, on the square, or wherever they are at the time, and have the space to perform the exercises. Via the portal, the club can offer (skill) competitions, compete with other clubs, etc. The results can be seen in the (event) leaderboard so that the club, the coaches and all participants can see them!

In addition, clubs can increase their fan base by inviting other players, not members, to participate in the teams and events that have been created. Our products bridge the gap, together with our services that can give more meaning to a membership of the club.

Improve your club with new income

Become a partner and improve revenues by;

– connect your sponsors to digital events, competitions and multiple weekly challenges. Easily share the leaderboard via

– create new teams, based on fans, stakeholders and sponsors


Through our club portal we can organize and implement events and competitions within companies, networks, clubs, etc. Sponsors can start a (new) digital club to improve the health, fitness and skills of the employees or customers (fan base). These teams can compete against other companies, can have different departments compete against each other in exercises, events and competitions. The results and developments can be viewed and followed via the leaderboards. Men and women can compete with and against each other, the same applies to age categories. For example, teams from ING can compete against ABN AMRO bank, or sales from ING can compete against ING’s finance.

Influencers can organize and implement events, competitions and competitions on a global platform. Influencers (EA FIFA E-sports, YouTubers, etc.) can start their own club for their followers and try to beat their competitors. Challenge each other and compete for the top position in the leaderboards. Create try-outs and scouting events so you can add the best new players to your team so that you rise again on the leaderboard or strengthen your lead position.

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