With our product clubs can provide their members with extra tools and experiences to improve their skills. At home, at a square of wherever they find the space to practice! The club has a better connection with their members and can provide trainings, sessions, events and competitions online!
On top of that we can provide clubs with a totally new way of generating income and getting on the digital train in sports. Most of the time members know their way in gaming better than the club, but with our products and services we can quickly turn that around and help the club innovate. through the combination of digital tools and our products we can offer more to the membership of a club.
Improve the skills at the club with the Insait Joy Coach app.
The coach can monitor and motivate players through the INSAIT Joy Coach App. It provides the ability fo connect 8 balls and create a training with multiple ballcontrol drills. The results per player are provided in the app and in that way the trainer can provide players with extra drills, based upon the results in the leaderboard. Strengths and weaknesses are shown and can be trained with focus. The app provides insights in the progression.
Improve your club with new income.
Become a partner and improve your income through:
– Connect sponsors to digital events, competitions or weekly challenges. Share the leaderboard easily on your socials.
– Make new teams, based on fans, stakeholders or sponsors.
Improve players off the pitch with our Insait Joyc Club Portal
All players can improve back home with our products if combined with the club web portal. The portal provides the club with the opportunity to offer a training program throughout the season by making events for specific players, teams or age-categories. Players can join at home, on a square, or where ever they are at the moment they feel like doing the exercises. Through the club portal skill competitions can be provided. Results are to be seen in the (event) leaderboard so clubs, trainers and members can see them.
Clubs can enlarge their fanbase by inviting other players to the teams and events. Our products provide the bridge to provide more content to the membership.


Through our club portal events and competitions can be organised and implemented in companiers, networks, clubs, etc. Sponsors can start a (new) digital club to improve health, fitness or skills of emploeyees or clients, while creating a new fanbase. Teams can go head to head against other companies, different parts of a business can battle amongst each other in drills, events and games. Leaderboards provide insights in progression and results. Males and females can batlle against each other or next to each other. A team of ING can challenge the team of ABN-AMRO. Or team sales of ING battles team finance ING.

Influencers can organise and implement events, games and competitions on a worldwide base. Influencers (EA FIFA E-sports, YouTubers, etc.) can start their own club for their followers and try to beat their competitiors this way. Challenge each other and play for the number 1 spot on the leaderboard. Make try-outs and scouting events so new players can be added to your team, in order to get to the number 1 spot on the leaderboard.

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